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Robinson Professional Security Corporation provides professional security training throughout Tallahassee-Leon County.

 Business & Professional Services / Popular

Brick and mortar record store in Tallahassee, FL. Independently owned and operated!

  • Minority or Women-Owned Business: Black-Owned

 Shopping & Specialty Retail /  All Saints

Proof Brewing Co. produces big, bold, flavorful beers and remains committed to true artisanal brewing methods in an evolving industry.

 Restaurants, Food & Beverages /  SoMo District

Salvo Pools is a family-owned and operated swimming pool contractor, founded in 1991. Great family designs, functionality, and innovative ideas are their focus.

 Home & Garden

Target Print & Mail is a premier provider of commercial printing, signs, mailing and graphic design solutions.

  • Minority or Women-Owned Business: Women-Owned

 Marketing & Advertising

B.R.E.S. Property Management LLC. is a property management company in Tallahassee, FL.

  • Minority or Women-Owned Business: Black-Owned

 Real Estate & Construction

Imagine That! Gift Baskets firmly believes it is their job to please their clients whether it’s giving them exactly what they ask for, offering ideas...

 Shopping & Specialty Retail

We empower future scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians to solve our common problems by giving them the help they need to make the world a...

  • Minority or Women-Owned Business: Women-Owned, Black-Owned

 Education & Day Care /  Downtown / New

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Tasty Pastry, serves it all- cakes and cookies, breads, pies and pastries.

 Restaurants, Food & Beverages / Popular

BB Studios thrives on making you look and feel drop-dead gorgeous. Let BB be your one-stop beauty studio, and book your appointment today.

  • Minority or Women-Owned Business: Women-Owned

 Personal Services & Care / New

Morgan's Dog Training provides its customers with the finest certified dog trainer to condition their pets for the behaviors that they desire.

 Pets & Veterinary

We offer auto & boat detailing services to the entire Big Bend Region.  

  • Minority or Women-Owned Business: Black-Owned

 Other /  Online / New

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